School Board Seats and Bonds to be Decided at Area Polls


February 12, 2024

Voters in Oklahoma will be returning to the polls Tuesday to vote on various elections.

Locally, two schools will be holding school board elections, a school will be asking voters to approve a bond to go towards infrastructure improvements, and a western Oklahoma city wants to build a new family community center.

Weatherford precincts will be busy with two elections taking place.

Three candidates are running for the unexpired term of school board office number 1. Those running include Brandy D. Chase, Matthew Fast, and Rene E. Soto.

Also Weatherford citizens will decided on a bond proposition that, if passed, will go towards the construction of a city owned family community center that will include indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities.

A school board race will also take place in Cordell for the unexpired term of office number 3. Parker Christian, Daniel Kennedy, and Cole Gregg will be running for that position.

Voters in the Canute School District will decide on a bond proposition that, if passed, will provide students with a renovated gymnasium and upgraded science lab.

Polls will be open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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