The Jackwagon Podcast

#5 – THE Matt Randolph

  Matthew Randolph was born in 1974 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. As a young child he moved to Sayre, Oklahoma where he grew up and graduated high school where he was a student athlete. After high school


Rope & Drew have an in-depth discussion with Suzanne Keyes about all things relating to phamacy-type stuff, alternative medicines…and donuts! Suzanne Keyes, PharmD, IFMCP, FACA, attended the pharmacy program at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Once graduating the

#3 – ROPE & DREW starting an ONLYFANS Account?!?

#2 – ‘MEAN’ Gene Fletcher Cares. Really.

Rope and Drew interview “MEAN” Gene Fletcher. He came up tough, he rode bulls, he built things, then went to work for the government… as an Army Ranger in the 75th Regiment. One of the most intense,

#1 – Coincidences, Psych Drugs & the Sexy Mullet Look-back

Drew dips into the coincidences of…coincidences.  He also delves into psych drugs and gets Rope to disclose his preferred ‘skittle.’ They also discuss the sex appeal of the mulletted ‘look-back,’ as performed by sexy mulleteers.