Chad Roper

IMG_2508A Navy brat born on the East Coast, Chad is the product of European immigrants and the dirty South.  He office-spaced his way through high school graduating in 1990.  After he knocked off a few semesters in college, he opted for the more ill-reputedly illustrious lifestyle of a touring musician.  Having spent his summers in DC, he developed a Grease Man-esque love for radio.  With his perception of the world around him in a constant state of humor-first, and an intermittently lacking filter and clearly in need of therapy, he tends to keep listeners’ attention, as they never know what he’s gonna spout off about.  Despite that, his judicial wife and two daughters often still claim him in public as husband and father!

Words from the staff:  “Loves what he does-utterly dedicated to making this place the best it can be.”  “Wordy” “Good with words, funny, smart, sees things from a different angle.”  “Witty.” “Really smart but really goofy.” “King of taking you on a 90° left turn in the middle of a conversation.” “Never know what to expect.” “The Pretty boy of the station.” “The Diva.” “He is a perfectionist with every detail of whatever he lays his hands to whether it’s his morning show or someone’s commercial” ”Has good hair.” “Who?” “Artistic.”

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday — 06:00am – 10:00am