The Jackwagon Podcast


Season 2 E1 – THE Mountain Man: Cory Spieker

Rope and Drew chat with THE mountain man himself, Cory Spieker, on location at Mountain Man’s Axe Throwing & Grub @ 325 S. Main in Elk City, OK, about throwing axes (and shovels, as it turns out)


#12 – The ‘Real’ ANDY TAYLOR

Andy Taylor is the founder and leader of Trinity Fellowship in Sayre, Oklahoma. He’s involved in giving apostolic oversight to a growing number of churches and ministries across the Western United States. Andy’s profound ability to make


#11 – A Healthy ‘Neducation,’ courtesy of Justin ‘NED’ Ediger

He sings, he hand bells, he teaches and he sells real estate.  He’s Justin Ediger.  He’s a funny cat, and he has an axe to grind.  


#10 – GANJAPRENEUR, Ronnie Webb

  After spending years in the appliance sales and service business, one day, Ronnie Webb decided to shut the doors of his well-established operation, Elk City Appliance, and dive head-first into the marijuana business.  Two weeks and


#9 – Eric Easter, a life story that SHOULD be a movie

When he was 21, Eric Easter’s mother died in a tragic car crash, which began a life of drug abuse.  His father, seeing his need for direction and financial help, prior to his untimely passing immediately after


#8 – IL PROFESSORE – EC English Teacher and Soccer Coach, Josh Barnett

The Jackwagons of morning radio discuss soccer, military life, soccer, the Aurora Borealis, soccer, teaching under the ‘mechanics vs individual needs’ gun…. and Futbol.


#7 – Brian Henderson, the man behind The Breakers Pt. 2

Rope & Drew get the inside scoop on how it all began for our pal, Brian Henderson, the guy behind The Breakers Podcast.


#6 Brian Henderson Pt. 1

We chat with Asst. Dist. Atty., Brian Henderson about his time in the military, his time chasing bands, his reason for becoming a lawyer – which was basically to be able to afford his chosen lifestyle…chasing bands


#5 – THE Matt Randolph

  Matthew Randolph was born in 1974 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. As a young child he moved to Sayre, Oklahoma where he grew up and graduated high school where he was a student athlete. After high school



Rope & Drew have an in-depth discussion with Suzanne Keyes about all things relating to phamacy-type stuff, alternative medicines…and donuts! Suzanne Keyes, PharmD, IFMCP, FACA, attended the pharmacy program at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Once graduating the